Welcome to The Pampered Tooth (formerly known as Port Orange Dentistry), the place to go for quality but affordable dentistry¬† in Port Orange, Florida!¬† My name is Dr. Larissa Hanson. I am a native Floridian, a UF graduate, a Gator, a wife, and a mom. My staff and I are very aware that a dental office is the last place most people want to visit. We offer kindness, compassion, understanding, and patience. My nutritionist background and passion for dentistry uniquely qualify me to approach your dental health with full understanding of how your teeth and your body work together. Even if you suffer with dentist phobia, you are here reading this contemplating your dental health. Whether you just need a cleaning, maybe a filling, braces, or teeth whitening, let’s start with an appointment, a conversation, a noninvasive exam, and an x-ray. Everyone loves to see you smile, so let’s give’m what they want. At The Pampered Tooth (Port Orange Dentistry), we’ve got your back, and your mouth!

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If you are a former patient of Dr. Montgomery’s, click here.

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