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The Pampered Tooth
Dr. Larissa W Hanson DMD
Your local family-owned dental home.

Welcome to The Pampered Tooth (formerly known as Port Orange Dentistry), a private practice in Port Orange, Florida, family owned and operated, and the place to go for affordable quality dentistry, and you’re invited … to take charge of your dental health!  

There’s no shame and no blame in our healthy mouth game. We offer kindness, compassion, understanding, and patience. I am Dr. Larissa Hanson, and I am a native Floridian, a UF graduate, a Gator, a wife, and a mom. My staff and I are very aware that a dental office is the last place most people want to visit. My nutritionist background and passion for dentistry uniquely qualify me to approach your dental health with full understanding of how your teeth and your body work together. 

Because your Healthy Mouth Healthy You journey is of the utmost importance to us, we are pleased to offer you the following dental care options. Details >

Even if you suffer with dentist phobia, you are here reading this, contemplating your dental health. Whether you just need a cleaning, maybe a filling, braces, or teeth whitening, let’s start with an appointment, a conversation, a noninvasive exam, and an x-ray.  

Everyone loves to see you smile, so let’s give’m what they want. At The Pampered Tooth (Port Orange Dentistry), we’ve got your back, and your mouth! We welcome you to stop by, check out our office, meet our staff, and learn about The Pampered Plan.

I am also certified by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics to administer Botox®, whether it be to treat certain types of facial pain, to defeat crows feet, to hide those frown lines, or to make those lips fuller.  Read more >

I saw Dr. Hanson and her wonderful staff on Tuesday this week. A portion of one of my lower teeth had chipped off and I wanted it fixed before it got worse. Since most dentists don’t use silver stuff for fillings anymore, my “new” tooth looks like an untouched-by-drill masterpiece. As Dr. Hanson checked my other teeth, she found a bad space in another tooth and that got fixed, too. Only novocaine. No pain! This is THEE dentist for years to come. And … I love the staff! I give this team five stars. Read more like this …

If you are a former patient of Dr. Montgomery’s, click here.



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