How to Get Them to b-b-brushy-brush!

Sound familiar? Getting your kids to brush their teeth not just once per day, but twice per day, let alone for two minutes a pop, is a challenge for some of us. Sometimes those strong-willed little humans just aren’t going to do what they don’t want to do. They got things to do and places to be and no time for things that aren’t fun!  Here’s our Top 5 Kid Tested / Parent Approved Teeth Brushing Songs to lighten the mood and inspire your kids to b-b-brush!

If you haven’t established care with a dentist for your child and live in the Daytona Beach / Port Orange Florida area, call The Pampered Tooth today at 386.760.1200. Our caring staff is great with kids, and our lobby is kid friendly!

No. 5, The Wiggles!

No. 4, Laurie Berkner & Tom’s of Maine

No. 3, StoryBots!

No. 2, Raffi!

And No. 1, Elmo!!!!


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