A Healthy Halloween for Your Kids Does Not Mean a Hundrum Halloween!

A Healthy Halloween does not have to be a humdrum Halloween. In fact, here are some creatively healthy treat projects that both parents and kids can really sink their teeth into. No one will even miss the boring old pre-packaged stuff!

Despite promoting the more tooth-friendly treats this year (versus the hard candies, those chewy sticky sweets, and those loaded-with-sugar things) regular flossing, brushing, and mouthwash rinsing throughout the season are key components in your child’s #GoodDentalHygieneHabits. If your child does suffer a candy catastrophe this season, or you haven’t established with a regular dentist yet, reach out to The Pampered Tooth, your Port Orange dentist, at 386.760.1200. No insurance is no problem, and our caring staff is great with kids and our office is child friendly.

Dark and Delicious
Pairing dark chocolate with apples creates an antioxidant-rich decadent and dynamic duo that is heart healthy and way-more tooth-friendly than those candied apple things of yesteryear.


Creative Critters
What kid (or adult) isn’t going to love these edible creative critters! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless! This one came from >

snake treat

Go Green with Orange Jack O’Lanterns 
Who says salad can’t be fun! Heck, even your adult friends will love this presentation! Check out myrecipes.com/recipe/mesclun-meanies for tips on which salad parts will work well taste wise with the orange!

orange olantern salad bowl

All In One!
You got your fruit. You got your protein. You got your cardio. You got your magnesium.  Your got them to eat sunflower seeds. You got a smiling kid and a happy belly!


Munchable Mummies
These easy-to-make nom-noms feature garden vegetable cream cheese spread, ham or turkey, dried cranberries, and celery. Lots of great tasting goodness that will make crunch green stuff appealing even to the anti-cellerites! Read more >

halloween mummy



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