Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny Coup

Parents beware. An anonymous source reports witnessing secret meetings between the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as they join forces and plot a war against your child’s teeth. The source reports being told that this once-harmless and unlikely duo have nothing against our children themselves, they just want their teeth and are tired of waiting for nature to take it’s course. With that agenda, their target audience is the unaware parent.

Their message to those parents?

“Load those Easter baskets with all the sticky stuff—jellybeans, taffy, marshmallow peeps—anything that will stick to their teeth and leave a bunch of sugar hanging out in their mouths. Be sure to include those sour candies like sweetart sour bunnies, jolly ranchers, sour patch, sour chicks, tutti fruities, etc. After all, sour = acid, and lots of it. Acid causes the tooth’s enamel to erode and paves the way for the cavity creeper!”

The anonymous source says the duo jokes about leaving quarters underneath the PARENTS’ pillows after they acquire the teeth from their kids’ pillows as payment for facilitating the process. Shameful!

Editor’s Note
Parents, don’t fret. You can still surprise your kids with an awesome Easter basket. Start a new tradition. Prepare your own treats like homemade peanut butter eggs (but with almond butter); and chocolate-covered fruit slices (who doesn’t love a chocolate-covered strawberry). Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies and Honey Bunny Grahams. And maybe the basket doesn’t have to be completely food oriented anymore. How about to balance out the sweet treats, adding an age-appropriate exciting educational something-something or for fitness fun. Perhaps a VIOlight Rockee Character Toothbrush  or an Oral-B Disney Character Brush. The future of your kids’ teeth is in your hands. Use your power wisely!

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