What does THAT have to do with my teeth?

Remember the song we sang when we were little about this bone connecting to that bone, we learned a little rhythm and did the little dance?

Video from Super Simple Songs – Kid Songs on YouTube

The hip bone’s connected to the back bone
The back bone’s connected to the neck bone,
The neck bone’s connected to the head bone,
And your maxillary sinuses are connected to your cheekbones!

It’s ALL connected!

As Floridians, we get not much respite from seasonal allergies, with pretty much every season being a pollen-of-some-sort season. Even on this day, February 11, the Port Orange Pollen Alert is at 8.5!


Sinus is a word we all use loosely, and often — sinus congestion, sinus pressure, sinus pain, sinus headache, stuffed-up sinuses, runny sinuses. But what is a sinus?

A sinus is a cavity within a bone or other tissue, hence, the nasal sinuses are a series of four connected hollow cavities in our skull–the frontal (low center of your forehead), the ethmoid (between your eyes), the sphenoid (in bones behind your nose), and the maxillary.  canstockphoto11687393

Sinusitis refers to swelling of the sinuses and can be caused by allergies. Your maxillary sinuses (the largest of the four) are located behind your cheekbones and your teeth.  The photo below (compliments of the Database Center for Life Science) illustrates the left maxilla (inside view), with the maxillary sinus shown in red. See how close it is to your top teeth? Swelling and drainage can make you feel like you feel like you have pain in your upper teeth.


So if you experience tooth pain with your next bout of seasonal allergies, don’t assume the worst; however, be cognizant of your symptoms; continue to brush your teeth regularly even though you don’t feel well; perhaps gargle with salt water; maybe do twice-a-day swishes with  LISTERINE®Original Antiseptic  Mouthwash; and consult Dr. Hanson if your pain persist!

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Preventative medicine really is the best medicine. Contact Dr. Hanson today and schedule your next Healthy Mouth / Healthy You exam!





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