A Most Important Day

The Day I Said “I Do”
Contributed by a Dental Health Crusader

We’d been together for decades but never really recognized each other as individuals on a team. We took for granted what we brought to one another’s lives. It wasn’t until the day we vowed love, appreciation, and commitment to one another that I truly understood just how lucky of a girl I was. Our vows went something like this.

I think, it is fair to say, that even if the most adamant of relationship critics were to dig deep and be honest, they would have to admit that, at our core, we all really do wish to find that special someone to walk through life with. 

 But even the most enthusiastic optimist has to admit that finding thee one … thee one, for most of us, is a struggle. 

Thee one … that you’re happy to be with, when life’s realities forge their way through that impenetrable wall of passion you thought you had created. 

 Thee one … who stands proudly by your side, even in your less-than-flattering moments, of which there are many in one’s lifetime. 

 Thee one … who remains, through the friends & family drama, the work woes, the financial fuddles.

 Thee one … who not only shares your dreams and supports your dreams but helps bring those dreams to fruition, regardless of their brevity.

 Thee one, who you have chosen to say “I Do” to. 

 When you pledge your love and care for one another,
commit to one another,
You create a spirit
unique unto yourselves.
That spirit “bonds” you closer than any spoken or written word
but we ARE here today
to speak those words
and join all of you–8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, 12 molars, and your keeper
in a commitment of the heart, mouth, and soul.

 If you’ll look in the mirror and please smile for one another,

Do you take Keeper to be your partner
your friend and faithful companion
from this day forward?
Do you promise to love her unconditionally,
to support her in her goals by giving her the best smile,
to stay strong and chew that food for good digestion,
to honor and respect her,
and to cherish her
for as long as you both shall live?

Do you take all THIRTY-TWO TEETH to be your partners,
your friends and faithful companions
from this day forward?
Do you promise to love Them unconditionally,
to brush them at least twice a day just because,
with a fluoride toothpaste by way of a soft brush?
Do you promise to floss them daily,
to honor, to respect, to cherish them,
and to facilitate their function and sparkle
for as long as you all shall live?

The significance of the toothbrush, the soft bristle, is that it represents the gums, the bite, and the smile.
It is a symbol of dental health holiness, and of perfection and peace.
Today, you choose for it to be the symbol of your unity.

Keeper, if you’ll give place within your mouth the brush you wish to give your teeth
and (try to) repeat after me.

 “I Do, take you, to be my life partners.
I Do, promise, to love you, to cherish you and celebrate you.
In sickness and in health.
In good times and in bad.
And with an open heart, a solid promise, and a big smile,
I lovingly thee wed.”

With that, let us join in prayer.

Spirit of Love and Life, out of this whole world, these thirty-three organisms found one another. Their destinies shall now be woven into one design, and their perils and their joys shall not be known apart.

May their mouth be a place of happiness for all to see; a place for caring; a place for sharing culinary wonders and everything else this wonderful world has to offer.

May those who are nearest to them be constantly enriched by the beauty and the bounty of their smile, and may their days together be good and long upon this Earth.


By the power vested in me by the State of Florida, I now pronounce healthy teeth and devoted keeper. You may now smile at the world.

You are the sunshine of my life
That’s why you’ll always be around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you’ll stay in my heart
I feel like this is the beginning …

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