Dental Health Tips for the Work-out Enthusiast – Breathing

Have you ever taken a posture class and, although your posture improved, this new level of awareness ruined you in the sense that you can’t stop noticing everyone else’s bad posture? Well, next time you’re at the gym, look around. As people work out, they tend to breathe heavily with their mouth open. Mouth breathing dries out your mouth thus reducing your saliva flow. Saliva is your mouth’s “most powerful natural defense against tooth decay”. This may seem a small concern, but no effort is too big or too small if it prevents having to endure dental work, right?

Try breathing through your nose. In addition to its multitude of physical benefits, breathing through your nose will help maintain a healthy saliva flow. Check out this great self-help publication published by the Buteyko Clinic. Interesting stuff. The Buteyko Method promotes nose breathing for whole-body wellness. There is a right way and a wrong way, though, so do your research before incorporating this method into your workout routine.

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